Debunking Four Common Misconceptions About Auto Collision Repair

After you get involved in an accident, it is only logical to seek auto collision repairs to fix your vehicle. However, if it is your first time getting into an accident, you might have fallen for some of the most common misconceptions about auto collision repairs. Thus, it is high time to debunk the myths and expose the truth behind the misconceptions. Here are four of the most common misconceptions about auto collision repair and the truth behind them. [Read More]

Getting Your Windshield Replaced

A tiny crack in your windshield may not seem like a big deal. If the crack is only partially through the glass and doesn't start to spread, you might not need to do anything right away. If the crack is through the entirety of your windshield, it's only a matter of time before the crack starts to spread across your windshield. While you might try to get the crack repaired, most situations require that you have windshield replacement services put in a new windshield. [Read More]

3 Important Details to Look for When Hiring a Towing Company

When your vehicle is no longer able to run, you may need to have it towed to a repair shop or your property. If there are multiple towing companies to work with in your area, you can narrow down your options by looking for these three details. Great Reputation  You've probably heard of stories where a towing company caused major damage to a motorist's vehicle during transportation. To ensure this doesn't happen to your vehicle, make absolutely sure the towing company you hire has a great reputation in this industry. [Read More]

2 Big Things To Know About Accessible Transportation

If an individual in your family has a wheelchair and needs access to transportation that makes it easier for them to get around, you are going to want to invest in a wheelchair friendly vehicle. 1. Two Types of Wheelchair Vans When it comes to wheelchair vehicles, vans are the vehicle of choice. There are two different types of vans that are used for individuals with wheelchairs. Wheelchair minivans have many modifications to make them more accessible. [Read More]