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2 Big Things To Know About Accessible Transportation

If an individual in your family has a wheelchair and needs access to transportation that makes it easier for them to get around, you are going to want to invest in a wheelchair friendly vehicle.

1. Two Types of Wheelchair Vans

When it comes to wheelchair vehicles, vans are the vehicle of choice. There are two different types of vans that are used for individuals with wheelchairs.

Wheelchair minivans have many modifications to make them more accessible. The floor of the van is lowered, and the suspension is adjusted so that it can be lowered when the ramp is extended. A ramp is added to make getting in and out of the van easier.

With wheelchair minivans, seats are set up so that they can be removed and a wheelchair rider can strap in where the seat was at. Passenger seats can be removed for the wheelchair rider, or the driver's seat can be removed and set up so that one can drive the van behind a wheelchair.

Full-sized vans are the second type of van that you can choose from. Full-sized vans have raised roofs and are much taller than mini-vans. They look more like the vans used to transport goods or large groups of people. In addition to additional height, the floor usually drops down more, and the ramp accessibility may be a little different.

2. Wheelchair Vans Can Be Customized

Wheelchair vans can be customized for your unique situations.

For example, if you have three children, one with a wheelchair, the van can be set up so that you can see all three children and so that you have two seats to support car seats and one seat that will support your child in a wheelchair. If your child has a larger wheelchair, the van can be set up to accommodate that wheelchair.

Or if you are transporting a family member that needs oxygen, the van can be set up to keep the oxygen tanks secure while they are being transported. If you want the vehicle to be drivable both by someone in a wheelchair and someone not in a wheelchair, that can be arranged as well.

There is a high degree of customization that goes into creating a wheelchair accessible van. A quality company like Lone Star Handicap Vans will be happy to work with you and make sure that your transportation needs are being met, regardless of the size of handicap accessible van you choose.