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Debunking Four Common Misconceptions About Auto Collision Repair

After you get involved in an accident, it is only logical to seek auto collision repairs to fix your vehicle. However, if it is your first time getting into an accident, you might have fallen for some of the most common misconceptions about auto collision repairs.

Thus, it is high time to debunk the myths and expose the truth behind the misconceptions. Here are four of the most common misconceptions about auto collision repair and the truth behind them.

The Insurance Company Will Cover the Full Repair Costs

When most people take up collision coverage for their vehicles, they are under the impression that when that time comes to conduct auto collision repairs, the insurance company will cover the entire cost of the repairs.

However, it is essential to note that an insurance provider will only cover the auto collision repair costs after you have already paid the deductible. The deductible is an amount of money specified in your auto insurance contract that the policyholder should pay before the insurance company provides any money towards an insurance claim.

Hence, before the insurance company starts paying for your auto collision repair, you will have to pay the deductible towards your auto collision repair costs. Nonetheless, the deductible is usually a small amount that equates to a minute fraction of the total repair costs. Hence, the insurance company covers the lion's share of the collision repair costs.

The Insurance Company Will Decide the Repair Shop

If you intend to have your auto insurance cover the cost of the auto collision repair, your insurance provider will provide several recommended auto repair shops for you. In most cases, the recommended repair shops are those that the insurance company considers the cheapest. Thus, they get to save money if you utilize their recommended auto shops.

However, the law forbids auto insurance companies from dictating the auto repair shops you can or can't get auto collision repairs from. Thus, irrespective of the insurance company providing recommendations, you are not limited to them. Therefore, you are free to choose any auto body shop for auto collision repair services. Even if it is not listed in the recommendations, the insurance company will still cover the costs.

You Must Use OEM Replacement Parts

OEM replacement parts are mostly recommended because they help retain the vehicle's resale value. When you sell your vehicle, potential buyers will sometimes check if all the components are OEM before they agree to your selling price.

However, as far as auto collision repairs are concerned, it doesn't matter which type of parts you use. In most cases, it could be advisable to use third-party replacement auto parts because they are cheaper than OEM parts. Hence, you can minimize the cost of auto collision repairs for your car.

If the Frame Gets Damaged, It Can't Be Repaired

Unlike traditional cars, modern vehicles come with unibody frames. A unibody frame consists of multiple pieces adjoined together to form the structure. Thus, if the frame is damaged, all an auto collision repair shop has to do is remove the damaged parts and replace them with new ones.

However, if the damage to the frame is excessive to the point where repairs are not practical, you may have to consider a new frame entirely.